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Michael Puttock Design Blog – Quick, snappy updates on my latest design projects and knowledge. Look out for some freebies!


Making my blogging debut here, wish me luck.

Back in action? I have neglected this website a little over the last year, but no more! My freelance graphic & product design work is now my full time job. It's been a challenge getting started, but I am loving it so far.

There are some great resources online for people starting their freelance career, here are a few of the best I've found:

I've got a lot of ideas bottled up, hopefully some bright ones, and now is the time to put them in to action! I'll be using this blog for short, but fascinating updates on my progress. That's not all, you lovely readers will be treated to a handy web link or freebie of the design variety to make it worth your while.

Links AND a freebie, you say? Just this once. Represent your bright ideas with the minimal light bulb icon as modelled by my head in the picture on this post. Enjoy, and check back soon.

Light bulb icon click to download: PNG  EPS  JPEG