MP Design

AGA's New Warmth

Project brief: Analyse the AGA brand and design a product for release in the year 2025.

This plant thumb watering pot is a concept for a future AGA product. It is a physical connection to a future family network, tracking how often the product is used and relaying the information to linked pots. It encourages families to keep in touch, and informs them of the well-being of their loved ones.

A tool that exudes the AGA's unique emotional warmth to it’s owner through the nurturing of plants. The idea orginated from a forgotten 16th century thumb watering pot. Ergonomically designed to provide a functional and comforting experience for the user, embracing the essence of the AGA brand.

This concept was presented to and well received by AGA's Marketing Director, who requested copies of the brand book and product designs to be distributed around their offices.